South of Redemption: Novel Signed by S.M. Winter


South of Redemption(Elemental Series Book 2) Autographed


Tabitha’s world keeps expanding beyond her wildest imaginations. When she first walks into her City she is blown away by the sheer numbers of people. Her people. Children of Air. People cut off from the Element for something their forefathers did one hundred years ago. Struggling with her invisible scars, Tabitha has a hard time coping with the new responsibility bestowed upon her. When the leader of the Air City attempts to undermine her authority, she knows it’s time to step up and stop being a child.

With new friends come new dangers and the fight for time as she tries to find the others before it’s too late. When a new Elemental is Chosen, she knows she wasn’t fast enough. She only has one more chance to save the other. Will she get there in time?

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