Custom Focal Key (Choose your style)


A custom Focal Key by Artist Aimee!



Choose your base key:

Bronze, Black, or Silver.

Choose your wire: (Not included for Tentacle Keys)

Red, Green, Purple, Blue, Gold. Others upon request, as well as different shades.

Choose your Stone: (Not included for Tentacle Keys)

Citrine, Sodalite, Moss Agate, Garnet, Obsidian, Tiger Eye. If you have a specific stone in mind not listed, ask! We may have it.

Choose a Focal or Multiple Charms:

We have over 100 charms from fantasy, fandoms, and more!

Dragons, mermaids, deathly hallows, pentagrams, rock salt vials, glitter vials, angel wings, as well as all the House animals!

Tentacle Keys:

Choose your colors, style and key base.

Current Key Bases Available:

Eye or Rose – Multiple colors and shades available for both (Look to pictures for ideas)

If we don’t have it, we can definitely track something down.

Have a question? Send us an email before purchasing and we can guarantee your satisfaction with this unique and beautiful product.

No one else will have a key just like yours.

Additional information

Weight 4 oz
Dimensions 1 × .25 × 3 in


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