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S.M. Winter has been working on a new series outside of her original Elemental Series.

At Scales Edge is an urban science fiction dystopian novel and it finds Casandra, an elite military trainer, in a world ruled by women. An Amazonian/Greek fusion utopia spans the world that overnight solved nearly all the world’s problems.

But, of course, things are not as they appear. Men are subjugated, genetic experimentation has run amok, and there is a series of terror attacks that the ruling class (The Uniformity) would rather sweep under the rug than solve.

Download a preview at any eBooks supplier including: Kindle, iBooks, Nook, and more!

If you’d prefer a physical copy they are available on Amazon. Just click >HERE< or visit Ye Olde Bookshoppe in Wenatchee, WA.

Here’s what a couple of readers have said so far:

“100 years after a mysterious scourge renders most of the male population medically and physically fragile, women have taken over society as a ruling class known as The Uniformity. We meet Cassandra, a military leader in the Uniformity and daughter of a prominent socialite. When Cassandra narrowly escapes an explosion, her investigation leads her down a rabbit hole of lies, betrayal, and political rebellion that causes her to question everything she’s ever known about the Uniformity and her place in it.
The novel and it’s provocative premise draw the reader into a futuristic world from the first page. Is it a dystopian future? You’ll have to decide for yourself, but you won’t have to wait long because this story is a fantastic read and hard to put down. The action never slows and the twists and turns keep us guessing.
“A great first book in a very promising series!”

— Christy Kimmel

“When I started reading At Scales Edge it felt like I was reading a different type of dystopian novel, one where it was actually a Utopia! A country where wrongs were righted. But oh how this book took me down a path that I was not expecting and once I began reading I could not put this book down. I was there with the character every step of the way, and even by the end I was shocked at where it had led me. I can’t wait for book 2. The character develop in this book will set you at the edge (see what I did there) of your seat. Do NOT miss out on this opportunity to read this.”

— Nikki

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