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1 month ago

S.M. Winter

Hello friends!

I've been plugging away writing a new novel, as well as the final installation of the Elemental Series!

As a side project I've been working on some family history, and a possible book idea, but I need some help.

What I need are family recipes and stories. Let me hear them! Even if they are a family legend. Send me an email with as much detail as you can give me, and don't forget those recipes!

The last names I'm looking for are:

Casey Short
Quigley Robertson
Arney/Arne Cox
Rodwell Bunton
Lennae/Lenane Russell
O'Conner Jacobs
Vinson Davis

I've attached some pictures of the specific people closest related to me, however, if you have a story from farther back in time and know that they are related, or even THINK they are related, send it my way!

I've spent a lot of time looking into my family history and have managed to trace my lineage in some branches all the way back to 400AD.

I look forward to hearing from you!

Send all stories, recipes, and questions to: smwinter@winterwarren.com.

Until next time,

S.M. Winter

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