The Beginning

As we all know, the most important parts of a book are the beginning and the end. I’m at the beginning of my publishing journey, so let’s make it good.

I’ve completed two books. The first stank to high heaven, the second is much better and the third, I’m sure, will be better still. No one writes the Great American Novel on the first try. And if  say they did, well, they’re lying. How many books do you think authors write before they find one worth publishing? Definitely more than one.

Weekly I will be posting tips, tricks and mistakes I’ve learned from. I’m currently finishing editing my second book and will be self-publishing as an ebook. The first chapter of which is available to read on my Facebook page.

I hope you enjoy the reading and it is at least, marginally, helpful.

You can also follow me on Twitter and Instagram @warrenofwinter for quick tips and tricks, as well as live tweets while I’m writing.